Theater School

The school opened in 2008. The school is still a toddler in the field of ten years, but has been working in the theater for 30 years and has been working on a campus called 'Shivsanchara' for fifteen years. In the Kannada environment, the Rangashale of Kannada is a national school for Gurukula model and the curriculum of the country's various schools. The school started with the desire to teach our young ladies the language of the language, intended to be a classical and practical theater for rural youth and young people in a culturally confrontational environment. This is the stage of the genuine rural part , that can be used for theater and theater.

In these four years, 65 students attended the theater. It is noteworthy that these 65 people came from all districts of Karnataka. Most of the students of Vidyata have completed the stage education and acted as a technician in Shivasanchara Repertory. It is noteworthy that 90% of the people are playing theater as a full-time career. Some people are working in movies and television.